Global Development Partnership Pty Ltd (Global) was formed in Australia in May 2004 as a vehicle for the provision of all services involved in the development of real estate and other projects on an international basis. Global has joint control of all assets contributed by partner companies Mavro and Mar, a total asset exceeding AUD 500million.

To achieve the highest efficiencies possible, Global formed a network of partnerships with the following companies specialising in various phases of property development:

  •  Mavro International – a design and construction company formed in the republic of Macedonia in order to utilise the skills, knowledge and competencies of some of the most highly experienced and world renowned construction professionals in the European,  African and Asian continents. Mavro has at its disposal over 3,200 Architecture, Engineering and other professional and highly skilled tradespeople through its alliances with ADG Pelagonija, ADG Beton and ADG Granit. It provides all staffing requirements for design, project management, construction, commissioning, marketing, sales and handover.

  • TD Martin-4 – a dynamic Macedonian company specialising in the design and construction of high voltage electrical distribution networks and cellular telecommunication networks in The Balkans, Europe and the Middle East.

  • EMO – a large Macedonian electrical engineering contractor and manufacturer of metal, electrical and electronic products.
     TD Martin-4 and EMO contribute their technical expertise and manpower in electrical and communications engineering design, manufacture and construction. They are positioned to supply product and services for Global projects as required.

  • Mar Srl – an Italian company incorporated by Global and its European associates to take advantage of the Global group’s Australian and European based assets for use  within the European financial system. Mar also represents the Global group in its dealings within the European Union.

Global generally undertakes selected projects as the head contractor and utilises the resources of whichever partner company is positioned to produce the most efficient result for the client. In this context, Global retains the absolute decision making power and maintains direct control of all resources utilised for the project.

Operating with its European partner companies, some of whom have been in construction and development since the late 1940s, Global is positioned to provide confidence, stability, security and key personnel to meet international quality standards.