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The GDP Group

Global has an international reputation of successful acquisition, development, building design, project management, construction and marketing in many diverse fields.
With its resources and the expertise of a substantial accessible professional workforce, the GDP group is poised to undertake projects of any size or complexity, from concept to design, construction, project marketing, hand-over and maintenance.  With our implementation of quality assurance standards demanded by the international community, our attention to detail and our comprehensive marketing initiatives, the client’s satisfaction is assured

A Little About What We Do

Global and its associates hold a significant portfolio of building design and construction projects with over 1 million square metres in floor area of residential buildings, plus numerous hotels, hospitals, schools, commercial and industrial buildings, factories and production facilities. While their expertise in road construction is indisputable, their major contribution to the world of construction has been in Hydraulics designing and building dams, hydro-electric power stations, irrigation systems, water reticulation and sewerage networks and land reclamation. Global has even diversified into the construction and rehabilitation of airports and major urban planning works.
Global Development Partnership, proudly


Our Business

Global Development Partnership Pty Ltd (Global) was formed in Australia in May 2004 as a vehicle for the provision of all services involved in the development of real estate and other projects on an international basis. Global has joint control of all assets contributed by partner companies Mavro and Mar, a total asset exceeding AUD 500million.

To achieve the highest efficiencies possible, Global formed a network of partnerships with the following companies specialising in various phases of property development:

  •  Mavro International – a design and construction company formed in the republic of Macedonia in order to utilise the skills, knowledge and competencies of some of the most highly experienced and world renowned construction professionals in the European,  African and Asian continents. Mavro has at its disposal over 3,200 Architecture, Engineering and other professional and highly skilled tradespeople through its alliances with ADG Pelagonija, ADG Beton and ADG Granit. It provides all staffing requirements for design, project management, construction, commissioning, marketing, sales and handover.

  • TD Martin-4 – a dynamic Macedonian company specialising in the design and construction of high voltage electrical distribution networks and cellular telecommunication networks in The Balkans, Europe and the Middle East.

  • EMO – a large Macedonian electrical engineering contractor and manufacturer of metal, electrical and electronic products.
     TD Martin-4 and EMO contribute their technical expertise and manpower in electrical and communications engineering design, manufacture and construction. They are positioned to supply product and services for Global projects as required.

  • Mar Srl – an Italian company incorporated by Global and its European associates to take advantage of the Global group’s Australian and European based assets for use  within the European financial system. Mar also represents the Global group in its dealings within the European Union.

Global generally undertakes selected projects as the head contractor and utilises the resources of whichever partner company is positioned to produce the most efficient result for the client. In this context, Global retains the absolute decision making power and maintains direct control of all resources utilised for the project.

Operating with its European partner companies, some of whom have been in construction and development since the late 1940s, Global is positioned to provide confidence, stability, security and key personnel to meet international quality standards.


Building Design and Construction

Global's Building Design Unit (Mavro) has constructed a great number of
Apartments, Residential Settlements, Public and Private Structures, Hotels,
Schools, and Hospitals in Europe and abroad. In areas of known seismic
activity, a specific methodology is applied by the expert team of this Unit.

Hydro Engineering

Thanks to highly qualified staff and the application of modern powerful
machinery and technology, Global’s Hydro Projecting Unit is now able to
fulfil the most difficult criteria of their clients and business partners. The
great number of dams, hydro electric, melioration and water supply
systems, mines, tunnels and other structures executed in Europe are
indicative of the skill set within the Company.

Construction Engineering

By combining modern technology and the professional competence of the
Engineering and Technology staff, Industrial Plants, Trunk Roads,
Railroads, Bridges, Viaducts, Underpasses and other executed structures
have been built.

Electrical Engineering

In association with other companies in the Global group, EMO and TD
Martin-4 offer a total solution for the study, design, construction and
maintenance of all types of electrical energy production facilities and
distribution networks including telecommunications.


Global plans to undertake developments utilising the intellectual capital, skills and capabilities of its network partners.  Global, through Mavro and its associates, has excelled as an internationally recognised premier Construction Company in all fields including:

 - Preparation of Tenders
 - Project Supervision
 - Building Design and Construction
 - Construction Works and Interior Arrangement
 - Preliminary and Detailed Projects, Urban Projects
 - Construction Engineering
 - Hydro Engineering - Installation Works
 - Geodetic and Geological Works
 - Mining, Hydro-mechanical, Grouting and Remedial Works
 - Investigatory Projects in Foreign Countries

Global’s associated companies have their own quarries and are able to source their own supplies of granite, marble, travertine and onyx. Its employees are all conversant with the quality assurance standards demanded by the international community.  Mavro has access to construction professionals who have been active in an international capacity in Albania, Algiers, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Guinea, Herzegovina, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Libya, Monte Negro, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia and  Ukraine.

Global’s associates hold a significant portfolio of building design and construction projects with over 1 million square metres in floor area of residential buildings, plus numerous hotels, hospitals, schools, commercial and industrial buildings, factories and production facilities. While their expertise in road construction is indisputable, their major contribution to the world of construction has been in Hydraulics designing and building dams, hydro-electric power stations, irrigation systems, water reticulation and sewerage networks and land reclamation and has even diversified into the construction and rehabilitation of airports.

Global’s Design Unit follows modern innovations in architectural and constructional achievements applying modern project design techniques in statics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, water supply, sewerage and road construction. The specialist team conducts feasibility studies, estimates investment requirements and executes preliminary and final design.

The Project Team

​​​​Jessica Bujaroski GradDipLP, L.LB (Honours)
Legal Counsel
Jessica has been appointed Legal Consultant to Global following her career as the Head of Legal and Compliance with a private Australian Financial Institution with direct control over employees and subcontractors scattered throughout Australia and Continental Asia. Using her knowledge of commercial law and the inner workings of the financial system, together with her management skills, Jessica has been instrumental in the successful implementation of Global’s strategy in developing a Turnkey solution to development of projects on an international scale.

Lou Bujaroski BE Civil
Director/Chairman/Principal Engineer
Following an engineering career spanning 26 years in project management, engineering consulting and structural design approval for
Government bodies, Lou established his own consultancy practice for property developers in 1984.  In 2004, Lou created Global as the total solution finder for successful project developments.  During the past 12 years he has established astounding international connections in a diversity of fields relating to project development. Lou manages and directs a portfolio of international development activities throughout Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Australasia.  He has a reputation for maintaining close working relationships with government bodies in the international arena.

Vern Meijers, B Ec MBA CPA
Finance Manager
After a stellar career with heavy engineering and construction groups and high level positions with several Federal Government Departments and Public Institutions, Vern became a founding director of Global in 2004. His enormous contributions to the company include: expertise in accrual accounting, standard costing, job costing and budgeting, financial management, project management of IT implementation, management of the tendering process from analysis of requirements to complete request for tender, evaluation and project selection.

Peter R. Ball BBA
Director CEO Global Development Partnership Pty Ltd
Peter has a wealth of experience in the capitalisation and financial enhancement for the design, planning, development and project
management of substantial projects in the international arena. His breadth of involvement covers the fields of communication, energy, finance, infrastructure and other assets. Peter’s understanding of the cultural, ethnic, political and religious of his clients are demonstrated in his successful completion of projects located in Africa, China, Russia, US and Australia.

Ilija Dojcinovski B Arch/Eng
Principal Development Manager - Eastern Europe
Ilija has a dual degree in Architecture and Structural Engineering. His work has encompassed the fields of design and development management both in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. From his perspective as both and Architect and Engineer and with his vast project management experience, he is uniquely qualified in fast tracking the design and construction of projects. Ilija was instrumental in the timely completion of the Winter Olympics venues in Sochi Russia and will be equally successful in his role with The GDP Group. 
The Project Team


The GDP Group's most valuable asset is its people

A dynamic entrepreneurial organisation is driven by a dynamic entrepreneurial team and, as such, we employ professionals who are
passionate about working together to maintain an outstanding organisation, leading the industry in practices and performance. We foster a learning environment whereby staff are continually empowered with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience required for the professional and informed delivery of high-quality products. GDP offers career opportunities worldwide over a variety of disciplines; including development, property management, engineering and marketing, finance and administration. If you are  interested in applying for a position with GDP,you are welcome to register your interest at any time by sending a current CV and covering letter, stating your ideal role.


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