Building Design and Construction

GDP's building design unit has constructed a great number of Apartments, Residential Settlements, Public and Private Structures, Hotels, Schools, and Hospitals in Europe and abroad. In areas of known seismic activity, a specific methodology is applied by the expert team of this Unit.

Hydro Engineering

Thanks to highly qualified staff and the application of modern powerful machinery and technology, GDP’s Hydro Projecting Unit is now able to fulfil the most difficult criteria of their clients and business partners. The great number of dams, hydro electric, melioration and water supply systems, mines, tunnels and other structures executed in Europe are indicative of the skill set within the Group.

Construction Engineering

By combining modern technology and the professional competence of the Engineering and Technology staff, Industrial Plants, Major Motorways, Navigable Canals, Railroads, Bridges, Viaducts, Underpasses and other executed structures have been built.

Electrical Engineering

In association with other companies in the GDP group we offer a total solution for the study, design, construction and maintenance of all types of electrical energy production facilities and distribution networks including telecommunications.

Renewable Energy

GDP is at the forefront of research and development of different forms of energy generation. We pride ourselves on the expertise of our Hydro Electric capabilities and are constantly evolving our practices in Solar Energy, Wind Power and Continuous Biomass Conversion (CBC). 
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