GDP undertakes developments utilising the intellectual capital, skills and capabilities of its network partners.  GDP and its associates, has excelled as an internationally recognised premier Construction Group in all fields including:

  • Preparation of Tenders and Risk Assessment 
  • Project Supervision
  • Building Design and Construction
  • Construction Works and Interior Arrangement
  • Preliminary and Detailed Projects, Urban Projects
  • Construction Engineering
  • Hydro Engineering - Installation Works
  • Geodetic and Geological Works  
  • Mining, Hydro-Mechanical, Grouting and Remedial Works
  • Investigatory Projects in Foreign Countries
  • Research and Development of Sustainable Energy Production
  • Research and Development of Sustainable Construction Materials and Methods

    GDP’s Design Unit follows modern innovations in architectural, constructional and engineering achievements applying modern project design techniques in statics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, water supply, sewerage and road construction. Our specialist team conducts feasibility studies, estimates investment requirements and executes preliminary and final design.
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