The GDP Group

Established in 2004, The GDP Group is a global multidisciplinary Group at the forefront of engineering, design and technology. To achieve the highest efficiencies possible, GDP formed alliances with international partners specialising in different sectors across the world. Operating with our partner companies, GDP provides a truly interdisciplinary, interconnected network of passionate experts, inspiring a new dialogue of sustainability within our communities.

Together with our partners, the GDP Group holds a significant portfolio of building design and construction projects. Whilst our expertise in road construction is indisputable, our major contribution to the world of construction has been hydraulics design. We have lent our expertise to the building of dams, hydro-electric power stations and water supply systems, as well as land reclamation. In recent times, we have diversified into the construction and rehabilitation of major master planning works, with a strong focus on driving social, environmental and economic sustainability in growing countries. We value the well-being of our people,  embrace mutual responsibility and understand that a sustainable future is intrinsic to the impact of our work.

We invite you to work with us and contribute to a sustainable future.